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Things to do in Kauai!

If you are planning a visit or currently vacationing on the island. It won’t take you long to find things to do in Kauai. Outside of the exciting nightlife, white sandy beaches, and the elegant resorts that Kauai has to offer. You’ll find yourself enthralled by the island’s nature. Trust your instincts for adventure and discover Kauai’s flora and fauna in the most exciting and convenient way. If adventure is what brought you to the island, Keko Adventure Tours offers you the following things to do in Kauai:

Waimea Canyon Downhill Bike Ride.

The Waimea canyon downhill bike ride is among the hottest things to do in Kauai. Waimea Canyon is considered the Grand Canyon of the pacific. It’s located in Kokee State park, and is about 10 miles long and 3,000ft deep. Imagine yourself descending through sharp turns, feeling the breeze of the pacific gently brushing your face, and sharing the experience with friends and family. This is the best bike ride in Kauai and a once in a lifetime experience that will feed your hunger for adventure!

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Hiking Shuttle.

When outdoor activities are your thing, you can not miss out on the best hiking trails in Kauai. This must be at the top of your to do list. Deep into the island’s wilderness you’ll find hidden waterfalls, stunning tropical vegetation, and various wild native animals. Keko Adventure Tours takes you there with our hop on, hop off hiking shuttle service. We take you to the most popular hiking trails in Kauai. You can hike with friends and family or make new friends along the way.

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When planning a visit or vacationing on the island, you’ll notice there the many outdoor activities for everyone. Don’t get overwhelmed and discover Kauai in the most exciting and convenient way. Let Keko Adventure Tours take you to the most popular hiking trails in Kauai or descend the Waimea Canyon on the best bike ride of your life!

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