Bike Downhill Waimea Canyon.

Introducing the world famous Kauai downhill bike ride! Voted the most popular activity on the island, and one of the best things to do in Kauai.
Venture into Kauai’s stunning beauty and make it the most memorable day on the island! Explore secluded views away from massive crowds of the Waimea Canyon, waterfalls and forbidden island. Discover the legends, local folklore and fauna before having the most fun you’ll ever have on two wheels. For the second half of your adventure, gear up to take on an exhilarating downhill bike ride along the Waimea Canyon into the breeze of the pacific, conquering 3600ft to sea level. These will be the memories that will have you bragging to friends and family for years to come.


Approx. 4 hours

We Provide

Refreshments, helmet, and gloves


14 years or older, 250lbs/114kg weight limit

Cancellation Policy

24 hour notice. For groups of 4 or more 48 hour notice required.

Full Activity Details

What To Bring:
Closed-toe shoes with good traction, NO water shoes or sandals.
Light rain jacket or sweater
Spirit of Aloha

We Provide:
Refreshments (at the end of the bike ride)

Approximately 4 hours
“For sun set tour, starting time changes throughout the year to accommodate for sunset, please call to confirm check in time”.

Must posses good bike riding skills, a riding test will be performed before descending. Activity is limited to people with medical conditions; no pregnant women allowed.
Weight limit: 250lbs (*114kg)
Height minimum: 4’11” (*1.49m)
Age restrictions: 14years and over

Cancellation Policy:
24 hour notice for parties of 3 or less, for groups of 4or more 48 hour notice is required for refund. Tour is subject to cancellation due to weather or safety conditions at anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we ride?

We ride on the main road, with a tour guide leading at the front and the shuttle van behind the group.

How long is the bike ride?

Approximately, 44-55 minutes riding time, depending on the flow of the group. The entire activity is 4 hours long.

How fast do we go?

The average speed is 17MPH, however, as the road descends we can reach higher speeds.

How long is the van ride?

We make the most out of the ride up by making several stops along the way for sight-seeing and photos. Group participation and aloha highly recommended, we love to know your story and share ours with you.

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